Animation in all forms

The animation development services we provide are primarily in 3D Animation (eg. the method of the Toy Story movies), but we can handle any form of 2D style animation as well (eg. stick figures on a white board moving). This style of production allows anything to built as a 3D model on a computer, animated and made to look as realistic as possible, or very stylised depending upon the project.

20 Years of Professional Animation Experience

We use Autodesk 3ds Max® 3D animation software, and have over 20 years experience using every facet of this remarkable tool. We have produced hundreds of animations used globally, as well as for Newcastle based markets. The animation we are commonly commissioned to produce is for the following.

  • Complex scientific or engineering concepts, at a microscopic scale (eg. showing cancer cells) or massive scale (eg. a full coal mine, or the Earth)
  • Technical descriptions of machinery or products
  • Processes, and how to safely perform a process
  • Scientific Research and Development (R&D) work for corporate understanding (instead of drawing stick figures on a white board)
  • Visualisation of complex data and statistics
  • And simulation of events which may have occurred, or could occur, mainly for safety or environmental training

The computer workstations running our animation capability are state of the art systems that allow massive engineering data sets to be opened, animated and rendered out as required. Some of the animated scenes we have produced include the following.

  • Showing the moment of detonation of explosive in a borehole at super slow motion
  • Biotech microscopic animation of cancer cells being attacked by antibodies
  • Various above and underground mining processes using many types of new mining equipment
  • Character animation for safety and environmental training
  • Design of new mining processes including showing how a mine would be developed over months and years
  • Various scenarios to show environmental incidents such as a fuel spill into a water body etc.
  • Fracturing and blasting of rock effects, and rock particles simulation using physics based simulation tools
  • Showing mine rehabilitation over decades of regrowth
  • Character animation for PNG based production company showing walking cans of beef
  • Hundreds of animated logo reveals for corporate video, commercials and training video
  • Manual handling scenarios to show the correct way to lift a box or climb a ladder
  • Combining video and animation to show the flow of material through a system
  • Aerial fly-arounds of chemical plants
  • Effects to show accurate fire, water, gas, rain etc.
  • Simulation of coal on a conveyor transfer system
  • And many more...

Please refer to the Case Studies section of this web site for detailed project information on the many animation sequences we have completed.

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