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  • Creative Pipeline is the result of over 20 years professional experience and know-how in animation, Virtual Reality/AR and video production. The company is driven by Tim Black (Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design) and was founded in 2006.
  • Tim Black's LinkedIn Profile... Click here.
  • After spending a decade working in professional video production, 3D animation production, interactive multimedia and industrial design as separate careers, Tim brought these complimentary disciplines together with Creative Pipeline.
  • Industrial Design training and the design process allows animation, VR/AR and video production to be approached from a different mindset to traditional marketing and commercial production, and aids in rapid understanding of complex, sometimes technical detail.
  • Creative Pipeline is at the forefront of the latest tools, technology and techniques, but most importantly taps into over 20 years experience to tell the client's stories.


  • Early conversations for a project involve listening and understanding. It is essential to know what you need to say (the story), who you need to say it to (the audience) and by when (the deadline!).
  • It is our job to understand your information, and turn it into something that is immediately understood by the audience, no matter how complicated it might be.
  • Often our clients feel troubled in their first meeting with us due to the weight of the story they need to tell.
  • It is wonderful to see their faces when they see our first draft. That eureka moment where they see we have understood, and they can now show their complex ideas quickly, easily and without confusion or misinterpretation.


  • Creative Pipeline has the full gamut of professional insurances including professional indemnity, public liability and full electronic equipment insurances.
  • We would be happy to provide information on these insurances as required.


  • Due to the nature of our work, confidentiality is often a request. This might be for new products or processes shown within a project, or for materials we may need to access to understand and tell the story.
  • We work under confidentiality a lot, and are happy to discuss your confidentiality requirements on a per project basis.

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